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we'll spend today finding out what about mary? >> what about alex? where is this hurricane now and what did it do last night? >> and move that bus. we just don't know where the bus is. abc's hit show comes to town to build some kindness. good morning maryland, i'm jamie costello. >> and i'm megan pringle. how gorgeous was yesterday? >> it was beautiful. justin burke, keep it going there, bud. >> all right, 6:00 and july 1. usually we reserve some of the nicest days of the yore for april or may, not the end of june or early july. that's what we've got. we have a nice benefit here as we have pushed the heats into steam out of the region. fresh canadian air spills on in. the time of year we thank canadians. temperatures stayed below normal. in fact, we stayed at 75 degrees in easten and 78 in ocean city. ocean city matching the markup, and look back in oakland, garrett county, that's almost too chilly for the end of june.
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64. we reverse those numbers to 46 for them this morning. we are down to 62 in baltimore. temperatures in baltimore have dropped 6 degrees in the last two hours. they are down to 50 in york, pa, holding at 63 in easten. what a beautiful start. the sun is already up and it will really be nice this afternoon with a mostly sunny sky and our 2-degree guaranteed high around 80. >> happy canada this morning, by the way justin. we are quiet so far, so good. you will see some water main repair work happening at frederick road and melvin avenue. it's not blocking any lanes at this time. traffic looking good, very quiet on the beltway. this is the scene all around 695. here at delaney valley road, we don't see any delays on the beltway. traffic moving very well in both directions, as we look at drive times, so far, so good.
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northbound 95, route 100 up to 395, that will take you 9 minutes from i-70 down to route 32. also a 9 minute trip. from 70 to 95, only six minutes so far. megan and jamie, back to you. >> we are coming up on 6:02 and bob ehrlich made his pick. she's friendly to business. she's mary kane. abc2 news, linda so has more on ehrlich's pick. >> kane is no stranger to state politics. she served as ehrlich's secretary of state when he was governor and now the two are looking to take back annapolis. he says kane shares his mission of bringing more jobs to maryland and lowering taxes. kane is 48, a mother of three, and lives in montgomery county with her husband, john. he is the former state republican chairman and owns a large moving company. the family happens to be a key battleground in the race for governor. on youtube, kane took a shot at o'malley, saying he raised the
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sales tax. >> we started going down the wrong path right away. we need to pull back on that and bob ehrlich is the right person with his idea of taking back that sales tax increase, for making maryland open for business again, for putting marylanders back to work. >> o'malley's campaign released a statement welcoming kane to the race. quote, this election will ultimately be about which candidate puts the interest of maryland's working families ahead of special interests and who was on the side of working families. ehrlich will appear with kane this morning at 10:30 in silver spring. then at 2:00, they'll visit a charter school together in baltimore. abc2 news. 6:03 right now. police in baltimore say a detainee was shot when he was trying to run away from his work detail. he showed up for his shift on madison street, but then tried to run away. that's when officers fired, hitting the detainee twice in the leg. officials say he was not in
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handcuffs or leg irons because the man was on home confinement, which does not require them to be restrained. his injuries are considered nonlife threatening. >> mta officials believe that the bus driver who hit cars may have fallen asleep at the wheel or blacked out. this happened on the alameda yesterday. we told you this first thing yesterday morning. the bus driver hit one car, which caused a chain reaction. four people had to be taken to the hospital. the driver was not hurt and will undergo a drug test. 6:04. put passengers first. amtrak makes some changes on the mark line in light of all the troubles with the train delays and the breakdown. among the measures, amtrak police cars will be stocked with water for passengers just in case of another heat related problem. the railroad will also have a backup train ready to go just in case a regular one breaks down. and a rescue team will be mobilized immediately after a
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problem is reported. and if a train does break down in route, marc will cancel the next train and use that as a rescue train. amtrak pledges to make sure the passengers on stranded trains stay informed about what is happening during an outage. officials are responding to reports showing overtime numbers for some baltimore city employees. some workers are making almost 60% more than their base salary because of ot. stephanie rollings-blake say most of the overtime is unavoidable, but the city worked hard to cut back on ot and will continue to do so. >> the reality is, we produce the number of individuals making a large amount of overtime. if you want to report a pattern. you should report that. additionally, reduce the amount of overtime, $20 million in three years. >> just with us yesterday morning here on good morning maryland, says this year the
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police department expects to reduce daily overtime by $2 million. forecasters say hurricane alex has weakened to a category one strength and will continue to lose it punch. the storm has sustained winds of 80 miles per hour. 35 miles northwest of lapeska, mexico. last night, alex struck the northern coast of mexico, but no reports right now of any injuries. and the latest now on the massive oil spill in the gulf of mexico. it is expected to surpass the 140 million-gallon mark today. that's based on government estimates. the oil has been gushing for 2 1/2 months from a blownout well. 6 minutes after 6:00 right now. they need carp carpenters, today, they will hold a pep rally to get more people involved in the summer show that will be shot somewhere in
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baltimore. we don't know where yet. abc sherrie johnson joins us with more. sherrie. >> good morning, megan. the team has not exactly announced the location, but it's coming to the baltimore area and you can help out and this morning there's a pep rally for people in baltimore interested in being part of the july makeover for abc's extreme makeover home edition. >> good morning. renee, ali, alice, wake up and come on out. >> that is ty pennington, you know him. the show follows an extreme transformation a community oriented project. you can see how you can volunteer your time. in object 2007, abc2 news profiled a family, extreme makeover built a remarkable new home seen right here for renee, luther, and her two kids. the reality series provides home renovations for deserving families. each episode shows a family
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facing hardships. >> we need an army of volunteers. we have a very large group of home builder, association, suppliers, and subcontractors that have already pledged their time and money. it's really a wonderful cause and we are very proud and excited to be part of it. >> the pep rally kicks off this morning from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.. there's all kinds of ways you can volunteer. they need painters, plumbers, food servers, and cleanup workers and organizers also need donations to help feed and hydrate the people that are working on the home. we'll have a live report coming up today on good morning maryland at 9:00. in the studio, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. all right, let's go out to the ball park. it was bobble head night. we are going to watch luke scott hobble around the bases. put the orioles up and out of here.
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they won 9-6. watch luke, he pulls a hamstring. there he is. oh man. so he hobbles all the way to 2nd and takes 3rd and come home and punch out home plate. all right, now he hit one home run. corey paterson had one. adam jones had one. miguel tejada had one. that's the first time this year an oriole first baseman had a home run. they hit the mound tonight at 7:05. 6:09 on the clock. 62 on the thermometer, and it feels so nice. many of you waking up with temperatures in the 50s in your backyards and it is going to be a glorious weather day. low humidity, lots of sunshine. you can't ask for much better weather than this, as we start off the month of july. we talk about the heat wave that will return. >> traffic also glorious this morning. we are incident and accident
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free. no delays either. we are working a water main incident actually in katonville. i'll let you know where and how it may impact you. megan and jamie, back to you. >> the fourth of july is coming, fireworks, fun, we are all looking forward to that. >> fireworks can be dangerous, so we have tips so you stay safe while you celebrate. >> a car crashes into a country club and heads straight to a pool. the whole thing is caught on tape. >> plus, ozzy's dna could help us better understand the relationship between man and the environment. >> really? really? ? gas is very expensive, and just when you thinkg we know saving money is important.
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we are back here at 6:13, the fourth of july means fireworks. >> obviously if you aren't careful, it can lead to serious injuries. linda has tips for firework safety. >> we all look forward to a spectacular display of lights on the fourth of july, but fireworks can come with its own set of dangers.
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>> we have seen very devastating injuries. you can lose fingers, parts of fingers. >> dr. raymond with greater chesapeake hand specialist says the most common injury from fireworks comes from sparklers. be careful when using them, especially if you're around children. >> sparklers burn at a high temperature, almost 2,000 degrees and so instant contact with a sparkler in any part causes an immediate third degree burn. >> second tip to avoid getting hurt, if you are going to a public fireworks display, don't get too close to the launching site. don't pick up firework debris, that's the third tip. >> the debris from professional fireworks can still be hot. if it lands on the ground, some parts don't really even explode or burn completely. so you shouldn't be picking
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those up. >> most fireworks are illegal in maryland, but ground based sparkler devices are not. if you plan to use them in your backyard, pay attention to this fourth tip. >> if something doesn't go off exactly the way it's supposed to, you have to douse it with water and then you can approach it. >> the fifth and final tip, alcohol and fireworks don't mix. poor judgment can lead to serious injuries. >> serious burn can damage not only the skin, but the nerve and the artery underneath and a tendon. we have seen injuries where exactly that. somebody got it here beside their ear, so it gets their face, their eyes, and their hand. >> that's enough to turn everyone's night into a frantic trip to the er. >> remember, fireworks should never be used indoors. no exceptions. if you plan to light your own outside, have a bucket of water or a hose nearby just in case. and for a listing of local
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fireworks displays, we have some great links, go to our website, and we have you covered from baltimore county to howard county. click on the lifestyles tab on the top of the page. now the forecast certified by maryland's most powerful doppler radar. >> it's 6:16. the last three years on the fourth of july, we had rain. so this is going to be a nice change of pace. rain-free for the holiday weekend. 62 in baltimore and 58 degrees in ocean city. it is down to o in yorkpa and the threshold of the 40s just outside of baltimore. you find some 40s this morning in oakland at 46 degrees. 47 out towards altoona. along the coast, you are holding on to slightly cooler stuff. code green air quality. it is good today, so let's talk about something else. frontal boundary off the coast.
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fresh air mass building in. kim brown said it is canada day, so this is one of those days that we thank the canadians for sending us their air. it is nice, so let's celebrate and say oh canada when you go outside and breathe in that stuff. and say to yourself, oh mexico, they got hit with a 6.2 earthquake yesterday morning. a category 2 hurricane last night. three fatalities in some of the fishing villages and still a category 1 storm. producing high surf, high wind, and rain fall along the gulf coast. so probably the skimming efforts not going to happen today and still adding more oil on to the shorelines. back to alex here. latest updates, 80-mile per hour sustain winds. into the mountains, it will dump out a not of rain or more as it slowly moves and diminishes. for us, though we watched a breakdown of alex.
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for us, we watched the fresh air. mostly sunny sky. we are back into the mid 50s. could be 40s north and west. staying near 60 by the bay. we are up everyone higher over the weekend. i'm getting the wrap, which means it's time to talk about the wrap around the beltway. here is kim with traffic. >> you can make it around the beltway in record time this morning because all lanes are open. you'll have to head out any time soon. you are going to encounter some clear roadways so far. as we take a peek out our cameras, on the beltway, moving very good in both directions. no problems on the outer loop. here on the northwest side, you see everything moving very nicely. outer loop looking good as you head towards i-70. outer loop all good as well. here on the southwest corner as you take a complete tour, looking really good. you are going to see utility work. i'll let you know about that right now. as you take a peek at drive
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times, 95 southbound, only three minutes down to 695. harrisburg expressway looking good as well. five minutes on down to 695 and on 795, no problems down towards the beltway. some utility work fortunately not blocking any lanes at this time at frederick road, though there are reports of water in the roadway. so just be aware of that. megan and jamie, back to you. >> first there were snakes, now maggots. > it's about a plane that had to be turned around. we'll give you all the details. what's your favorite flavor? is it chocolate, strawberry? or is it margaritaville? we'll find out about a business. let's head up to new york and abc. >> good morning. we begin your money scope report with more trouble for toyota. the auto maker says about 270,000 vehicles sold worldwide have faulty engines. the defect is mainly in lexus
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sedans and could cause them to stall while moving. toyota has not said if it will recall the vehicles. the company is trying to recover after recalling more than 8 million vehicles because of un intended acceleration and other defects. one step closer to becoming law. the house passed a sweeping financial overhaul bill giving the government new powers to regulate banks. it creates an agency to protect consumers, forms a panel to head off risk and restricts how banks trade financial instruments. they are expected to vote on the bill later this month. more than 1.3 americans won't -- before congress goes on vacation. senate republicans blocked a bill that mr. provide unemployment checks. republicans won't support the measure because it adds to the national debt. a bill giving home buyers an extra three months is headed to president obama's desk.
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buyers will have until september 30 to close and qualify for tax breaks up to $8,000. the bill only applies to people who signed contracts by april 30. while mcdonald's is giving its menu a makeover. the fast food chain is trimming down and getting rid of big sellers. it's also adding a healthy alternative to its breakfast menu, oatmeal. well, the new twilight movie has eclipse the record set by the previous one. eclipse took in more than $30 million from midnight screenings wednesday. the movie could top by monday.
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storm gear and promotional consideration provided by l.l. beam. >> now, the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate and maryland's most powerful doppler radar. >> 6:23. good morning to you. we take a look at the extended forecast and temperatures starting off in the 50s for many of us to low 60s by the bay. just a nice day. sunny to occasionally partly cloudy skies. the breeze continues out of the north, but low humidity. mid 50s overnight to 83 tomorrow and we jump back up over the weekend. saturday still nice at 87 and that should be great for fireworks displays in the evening, but by fourth of july sunday, we are in the mid to low 90s. 94 on sunday to 96 monday and 97 on tuesday. the humidity comes back and it will come back in full force early next week. 6:24, let's get you back to the work force, here is kim brown. >> let's hope that rush hour remains as quiet throughout the rest of the morning as it is right now. we take a peek at our drive
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times, you will find yourself delay free, all in the green this morning. no problems on the outer loop between the 83, only a one minute ride there. 83 southbound looking good. five minutes to the beltway and no problems on the jfx. only four minutes from 695 as you head towards northern parkway. traffic good here on the northwest corner at old court road, starting to build as people are making their way on towards the highways. no delays moving at speed. as we look some more, no problems from middletown road towards the topside of the beltway. as you look around one more time, traffic doing pretty good as you make your way towards howard county. megan and jamie, back to you. >> that fire hydrant cost $750 million. you know that? wow. tiger woods, reports are that he is going to pay his soon to be ex-wife $750 million. that may be a record setting divorce settlement and if you read on, she gets the kids and tells him not to bring any
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women around the children until he is married. and he tells her not to talk about him, to keep quiet. tiger woods is playing golf this weekend just up the road in philadelphia. all right, greeting cards these days are so fancy, sometimes you don't need to give a gift. >> they sing songs, you can record a message. american greetings is launching a new line of cards -- they have a flavor to them. a flavor strip. so it will basically give you a taste of chocolate cup cakes, even a margarita. >> it's not bad. tastes like chocolate. >> i can taste a little bit of vanilla frosting with sprinkles and a regular donut. it tastes good. >> did you try that? >> i don't think so. >> the company says you can find these edible cards at most places where american greeting cards are sold. as if the acceleration problems wont enough for toyota. >> now some engines could be
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faulty. oñ
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now, good morning maryland. ehrlich and kane, that's the ticket for the november election. hurricane alex, justin is following the storm on his maps and we will see what damage it caused

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